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How Does The Business Partner Program Work?

Your business is listed in the Leo Mall where shoppers everywhere will be able to find you. Loyal customers - members of the Leo Rewards Program - will also turn to you when spending their rewards.

Members Earn Cash Back and Leo Points

Laptop1In addition to the cash-value gift of Leo Points they receive when they register, members can earn Cash Back and more Leo Points by shopping at the thousands of merchants in the Leo Mall. There, they'll find local, national and international items at great prices and each time they buy they'll receive Cash Back payments from 2% to more than 20% PLUS up to a further 30% of what they spend in Leo Points.

AND, members can add to their Leo Points balance by completing their online profile, referring a friend, playing games, and interacting with other members. They can even earn Leo Points on their everyday offline purchases including food, fuel, utilities, telephone and entertainment.

Casual visitors to the Leo Rewards website can also shop in the Leo Mall – but only registered members will earn Cash Back and Leo Points on their purchases. As a Business Partner providing products and services you'll receive "top billing" in your chosen categories within the Leo Mall. We'll also market you via targeted emails, newsletters and in lots of other ways.

Don't have a website? Or you don't currently sell online? No problems - we can help! Simply contact us for more information.

Competitions, Auctions and Great Prizes

young-travelers-120Members also earn free entry into many and varied competitions, with great prizes to be won. They can use their Leo Points to bid at member-only auctions and to secure products at below-cost price.

Members Spend their Leo Rewards with YOU

Shopping2One way members can spend their Cash Back and LEO Points is by shopping with our Business Partners (businesses like yours) in the Leo Mall. As a reward for showing loyalty to our Business Partners, registered members gain unlimited access to a wide range of lifestyle products and services.

  • Shopping and gifts
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Quality Wines
  • Dining & Entertainment
  • Tourist attractions
  • Leisure activities
  • Unique experiences ... and so much more

Show Off and SELL without Discounting

All your merchandise can be listed in the Leo Mall but this is also where you provide a selection of your quality products and services that members can purchase using their Leo Points. You don't discount, instead you calculate how much cash you need to receive on each item to make it viable – we'll work with you to determine this. Then, against each of these items in the Leo Mall we show three things - the full retail price, the number of Leo Points members can contribute  towards the item, and the balance of cash (credit card etc.) required to complete their purchase.

This is the place to really showcase those unique member-only offers that will get you noticed and will attract them back, time after time.

Everyone likes a deal and while, ultimately, you are selling products and services for a cash value that is less than full retail, in the eyes of our members you are not devaluing your merchandise through wholesale discounting - in fact, quite the opposite. These customers are being recognised and rewarded for their loyalty with a substantial personal cash saving when they use their Leo Points to buy your merchandise at "full retail value".

In turn, you access a much larger pool of customers who are loyal to you and your fellow Business Partners.

Performance Marketing - Only Pay for Sales

Purchases that include part payment with Leo Points are placed through us. We collect the agreed cash component, deduct the Leo Points from the member's account and advise you as soon as the transaction is complete so you can fulfil the order. We'll then pay you the cash component less a commission.

This is performance marketing – unless and until you generate sales you pay nothing for the huge exposure, professional support and other unique advantages offered through the Leo Rewards Business Partner Program.

Leo Rewards - they're Unique

People2Cash Back can be spent or withdrawn by our members, while the Leo Points they earn never expire and can be transferred to other members. Great for families or friends pooling their rewards for something really big! This incredibly flexible approach presents even more opportunities for our Business Partners to sell their products and services online.

We're adding quality Business Partners to our list all the time, so every type of member is sure to find what they're looking for. And, as they spend their Leo Points we'll give them lots of different ways to earn more, so they can continue to enjoy the many rewards on offer – and continue to support Business Partners like you!


It's WIN-WIN, with something for everyone!

Business Partner Benefits

  • Reward loyal customers and strengthen your relationship
  • Grow your brand and customer base
  • Wholesale discounting is not required to attract new clients
  • Products and services are not devalued by discounting
  • Expand your business online with no capital outlay
  • Group Selling – Sharing customers to generate new customers
  • Ongoing promotion of your business – this is not a daily deal!
  • Comprehensive customer data - about preferences, demographics and lifestyle
  • Regular supply of new customers and repeat business
  • Able to update your Rewards offerings regularly
  • Full business and product listing on site
  • Banner adverts promoting your business
  • Your business is ranked at the top in your chosen categories
  • Inclusion in targeted emails and newsletters
  • Cross promotion and combined marketing campaigns
  • Promotions via the isourceit social media platform
  • Sliding commission scale based on volume of sales
  • Performance marketing –
    no sale, no pay, no risk!


Download our Business Partner Program brochure (pdf 680k).

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